What a Half Year!

Wow! The last 6 months have been crazy, so apologies for the lack of solid blog entries for that period. I was made redundant in the summer, and taking up a new job is forcing a house move. My time has been consumed by job hunting while simultaneously completing all the DIY on the house so that it’s in a nice state to sell. That, together with searching for a house to rent while this place is being sold, arranging a new school for my daughter, and generally getting ready for the new job has left little time for writing, let alone for my blog.

real estate and moving icons se

The future should stabilize soon, though, giving me the necessary time to commit to these entries. I’m hoping to be back to normal soon with a blog on writers who use pen and paper rather than computer or tablet. I’m itching to getting back to the research for it; it’s proving fascinating.


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